We have several suggestions to help get you back on track. Please be aware, video calls can only be made between the Pixbee App and the Pixbee smartphone.

Things to check:

  1. Have you updated the Firmware on your Pixbee watch?
  2. Is your Pixbee App the most current version? (You can check for updates in the App update section on your smartphone)
  3. Is your Pixbee App paired to the Pixbee watch correctly?
  4. Is your Pixbee watch connected to a strong Wi-Fi or mobile network?
  5. If using mobile data, have you ensured that your SIM card has had its data enabled?

Please note, on rare occasions using your Pixbee watch or the Pixbee App in an area that is heavily built up, remote, or with little reception, this has been known to momentarily impact the clarity of video calls. We suggest you contact your network provider to confirm there is a coverage issue in your area.

If you have run through these steps and are still having trouble, please submit a ticket on our support portal and our Customer Support team will assist you.