The Pixbee smartwatch can only make video calls to approved contacts, who also have the Pixbee App on their smartphone and have the App paired to the Pixbee watch they are trying to call. This allows you to safely make video calls, thanks to the security offered by the software in the Pixbee smartwatch and Pixbee App.

In order to make a video call, the caller will need to be added to Pixbee as an Approved Contact via the App. To add a new, approved contact and enable them to make receive video calls to Pixbee, they will need to download the Pixbee App, register a new account and pair the Pixbee to the App. During the pairing process, Pixbee will ask the main Pixbee App account holder for permission to allow this person to be an approved connection with your Pixbee. The administrator Pixbee App account holder can remove this new person as an approved contact, anytime.

Once your approved contact downloads the Pixbee App, pairs with the Pixbee watch and is granted access, they will have full access to your Pixbee’s App features, so they will be able to see the watch wearers’ location, change settings and more. In light of this, we recommend only granting this access to people that you trust implicitly.

Please note, if you are not able to physically get to the Pixbee watch you are trying to the App with, we suggest you ask the Pixbee watch owner to take a photo of the QR pairing code on the Pixbee watch and send it to you or someone else you trust so that you can then pair the Pixbee App to the watch remotely.