Yes you can! You can pair multiple Pixbee’s to the Pixbee App via the following process:

  • Ensure your Pixbee App is open on your smartphone, and your two Pixbee smartwatches are charged with their firmware updated.
  • If your Pixbee Firmware has not already been updated, please see this link for instructions how to update your Pixbee’s Firmware.
  • Once your Pixbee’s Firmware is updated, please open the Pixbee App

On the Pixbee App

  • Ensure it is open and you are looking at the home screen.
  • Press the top left-hand icon, which should contain your child’s photo. As a default it is a grey circle with a white avatar inside it.
  • A screen with several options will appear.
  • Select the ‘Pair’ option.

On the Pixbee Smartwatch

  • Have your Pixbee ready, and swipe across to the ‘Pair’ screen and select.
  • A QR code will appear on your Pixbee.
  • Now use the Pixbee App on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the watch. Please note, there are two QR codes on the watch: please scan the first QR code, it has the SN number listed under it.
  • Add the watch wearers’ information.
  • Now your second Pixbee is paired to the watch.

To choose which Pixbee to call, check location settings etc:

  • To choose which Pixbee you would like to call, text or video, refer to the name on the top of your App.
  • There is a downward arrow. By pressing this arrow it presents a drop-down box listing the names of your other connected Pixbees. Simply select which Pixbee Smartwatch you would like to interact with.

Now you’re good to go! If you have any further questions about pairing your Pixbee’s, please check our FAQ’s or submit a ticket for our Customer Support Team.